Sunday, December 2, 2012

Let's Talk

Pope John Paul II asked families to serve other families.  The best way I know how to do this is to support marriage, as an institution and as a reality.  God has blessed me and my husband with a love that has lasted through twelve years of marriage, six children, and four brain tumors (my husband's, not mine).  We want to share with others what we have learned about marriage and family.  We want to learn from other people the things that we don't know yet.  In particular, we want to reach out and join two important groups -- people preparing to be married in the Catholic Church and people who teach them.  A lot of engaged couples take pre-Cana classes that take place over a weekend, and they don't have a chance to enter into a community of people going through the same joys and anxieties with the same awesome sense of purpose.  A lot of pre-Cana teachers have helpful one-on-one advice that they don't get to share when they are lecturing to an auditorium full of hundreds of people.  With your comments, posts, and questions, you can help create a support structure not only for yourself, but for other couples, and for marriage in general.  Post wisely, and often.

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  1. Always great to think about these things. We all can learn from each other. Good going!