Sunday, December 9, 2012

For Life, Marriage, and Liberty

The U.S. bishops are encouraging all lay faithful to answer their call to prayer, penance, and sacrifice for the sake of renewing a culture of life, marriage, and religious liberty in our country.   This prayer campaign is meant to awaken the spiritual stamina and fortitude of the faithful, so that we may all be effective and joyful witnesses of faith, hope and charity.   Appropriately, this nationwide campaign will start on the feast of the Holy Family (Dec. 30, 2012) until the feast of Christ the King (Nov. 24, 2013).
  • How To Participate: 5 Ways

    1. Host or attend a Eucharistic Holy Hour on the last Sunday of each month

    2. Pray a daily Rosary

    3. Prayers of the Faithful at daily and Sunday Masses

    4. Abstain from meat on Fridays and fast on Fridays for the intention of the protection of life, marriage and religious liberty
          5. Participate in the 2nd Fortnight for Freedom (June/July 2013)

In addition to helping the cause of marriage, these practices will nourish our own life of prayer.  A Eucharistic Holy Hour is a beautiful way to spend a quiet and peaceful hour in the church in the presence of our Lord in the Eucharist.  Each daily rosary we recite is like offering an exquisite bouquet of roses to our Lady.  And fasting will increase our self-control and sense of self-mastery.

Details on how to enter into these time-honored practices of prayer will be available at the website

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