"Karee Santos is a fantastic advocate for marriage and family life. Karee writes with a passion that helps not only married couples, but also those preparing for a lifetime together. Her energetic writing is echoed by her work in giving retreats and seminars to nurture married love. Karee is a true blessing and I'm thrilled to have her as a part of our family at CatholicMom.com." -- Lisa Hendey, author of 4 books and Founder of CatholicMom.com

"Karee Santos is bright and witty, smart and savvy, faithful and faith-filled. Her priorities are straight, her facts are right, and her six kids are super-cute! Tireless in her advocacy and energetic in her follow-through, Karee is a voice you can trust." -- Sarah Reinhard, author of 5 books (including A Catholic Mother's Companion to Pregnancy)

"Karee is an awesome Pre-Cana teacher. She is thoughtful, has done her homework, and cares deeply about the couples she works with. I highly recommend her as a teacher." -- Peter McFadden, President of Creative Marriages Inc.

"It was my pleasure to feature Karee Santos and Dr. Manny Santos on the
American Family Association Presents television show. They displayed terrific camera presence and an ability to think on their feet, which is essential for live television broadcasting." -- Frank Russo, president of the American Family Association of New York and contributing author to Patti Armstrong & Theresa Thomas' Big Hearted)

"What I have always admired about Karee Santos is her realism. In far too much commentary on marriage today, the issue is presented in a fashion often divorced from the realities many Catholic couples and soon-to-be spouses encounter. In her work promoting healthy marriages Karee speaks to the reader with practical advice on how to improve not just their marriage, but their spiritual life as a whole." -- Kevin Tierney, Columnist at Catholic Exchange

"I really appreciate your attention to deadline and word count -- and a well-written and insightful article! That makes my job much easier! You have been a delight to work with." -- Joan McKamey, Editor of Catholic Update, Liguori Publications


  1. My two cents' worth:

    Can We Cana? A Community to Support Catholic Marriages
    is Unmistakably Catholic, written for parents who live in the real world. Recent post include quotes from Scripture and the Pope, seasonal recipes, and book reviews. Karee Santos takes a common-sense approach I like.

    Brian H. Gill

  2. Dear friend Karee, marriage; family and the Word, Jesus and His church is the true Way to His peace. Thank you for your work to spread this truth, God the father loves families.

    1. You're welcome, Antonio, and God bless you!