Thursday, September 10, 2015

Exciting New Resource for Brides-to-Be from Pauline Books!

I was so thrilled when beautiful, young bride blogger Stephanie Calis asked me to help spread the word about her new book Invited: The Ultimate Catholic Wedding Planner, to be released from Pauline Books in Spring 2016. You can get the whole table of contents from her big reveal post here (and check out her awesome artwork):

Stephanie was one of the first Catholic bloggers I met when I started Can We Cana? in late 2012. Deeply devout and mega-artistic, she impressed me with her love for Pope John Paul II, the Theology of the Body, and planning the perfectly beautiful Catholic wedding from A to Z. Her posts at Captive the Heart: a sprightly wedding blog for the Catholic bride are unfailingly Pinterest-worthy.

Stephanie encouraged me to post a list of topics for my own marriage advice book when it was still a twinkle in my eye (that's her, mentioned in the first line of the post!). Based on our email conversations about what young brides want to know about the Catholic view of sexuality, I wrote my post on chaste sex, which is still the most widely-read post on the blog even today. And we've shared some giggles about how hard it is to write a book while taking care of babies.

So I'm honored and excited to tell you more about her book Invited, especially as it gets closer to publication. Although it was sixteen years ago, my wedding planning days are engraved upon my memory. I actually used two wedding planners -- a secular one for the details of the dress, reception, etc., and a Catholic one (with silly cartoon pictures on the front) for the rite itself. I would have loved to have everything in one book, and it sounds like Stephanie's book has it all.

The fact that Pauline Books is publishing the book makes it extra-special. As Sr. Anne Flanagan of the Daughters of St. Paul, aka nunblogger, constantly reminds me, support the sisters! How many publishers do you know who wear a full habit? Pauline is particularly well known for publishing Christopher West's early work on the Theology of the Body and Transformed in Love, a marriage preparation developed by the Archdiocese of Boston. Sounds like a perfect fit with Stephanie's book. So especially if you know a young bride-to-be in need of a wedding planner, like and share this announcement with all your friends!

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