Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Five Things You'll Learn from Our Radio Appearance on "Finding God's Grace"

My husband Dr. Manny Santos and I

Our recent 30-minute radio interview with Tony Agnesi from Finding God's Grace covered a lot of ground, touching on marriage preparation, my husband's psychiatric practice with couples, my conversion to Catholicism, and my choice to give up law to be a stay-at-home mom. Along the way, we dispensed as much as advice as we could, of course! Here's five things you'll learn from the interview:

1. how the Hollywood image of marriage contributes to the lack of marriages that last
2. how important it is to rely on the example of couples who model good marriage
3. how good marriages need to be nourished by spiritual and practical truths
4. how to deal with time famine, like juggling the demands of day jobs, six kids, and writing a book together
5. how writing our Catholic marriage advice book has strengthened our own faith and our own married life

Special bonus feature -- you get to hear how I knew Manny was "the one" (Hint: it involved me kicking a piece of furniture across the room!!). To listen to the show, click here for Segment 1 and here for Segment 2.  Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Karee! I loved hearing about your conversion and also your courtship. Ben and I met on, and our relationship blossomed mainly via emails and long phone conversations, so I can relate to a bit of what you mentioned.

    1. CatholicMatch is a great organization -- so dedicated to supporting sacramental marriage! I love writing for their blog.