Monday, April 22, 2013

NunBlogger Invites Me to Co-Moderate Theology of the Body Group

Thanks to Sr. Anne Flanagan, who invited me to be a co-moderator of the Theology of the Body community on Google+. For those who aren't already G+ers, Google+ is a social media platform like Facebook or LinkedIn. Google+ communities are like online discussion groups. They provide a convenient space for people interested in the same things to discuss them and learn about current developments.

Sr. Anne is the author of NunBlog, which she started in 2004. She belongs to the Daughters of St. Paul, who are perhaps best known for their Pauline bookstores, located in urban centers like Chicago and New York City, and their publishing apostolate, based in Boston. Pauline Books & Media published some of Christopher West's early work on Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body (see my review of West's most recent work here). Pauline Books also just released a new translation of John Paul II's pre-papal book Love and Responsibility, which similarly addresses the themes of sex, love, marriage, and celibacy.

The Theology of the Body community on Google+ provides an opportunity for people to discuss Pope John Paul II's pivotal teachings on why God gave us a body and how our bodies reveal the plan for our salvation. These teachings have deep ramifications in how we follow God's call no matter what state of life we are in -- single, married, or in priestly or religious life. I'm honored to join Sr. Anne in moderating this online community. If you're a G+ member who's interested in TOB, please join us!

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