Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Grand Opening of Spanish Blog! (News and Notes)

After much behind-the-scenes work, the Spanish version of the Can We Cana? blog is up and running.  The final title choice is Comencemos en Caná: Para Vivir el Sacramento del Matrimonio. Roughly translated into English, this means We Begin in Cana: In Order to Live the Sacrament of Matrimony.  Many thanks to my family and friends from Spain and Latin America who helped me to find the perfect title.

The Spanish blog address is http://comencemosencana.blogspot.com.  The first post dedicates the new blog to our already-beloved Pope Francis.  I have created separate Spanish groups (or circles) of my Spanish-speaking friends on Facebook and Google+, so that I can publicize blogposts from Comencemos en Caná only to the people who might be most interested.  If you want to know when there's a new Spanish post up on the blog, please tell me so that I can add you to those groups.  And please spread the word to your Spanish-speaking friends.  Articles, comments, and ideas are welcome!

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