Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Logo for Blog

My husband Manny and daughter Lelia designed a logo for the Can We Cana? blog, since I have no artistic talent whatsoever and couldn't design a stick figure.  Manny first came up with a few different ideas.  One was interlocking marriage rings with the Scriptural quote, "Do whatever he tells you."  Many people would recognize these words as what Our Blessed Mother said to the servants at the wedding of Cana directly before Jesus performed the miracle of turning water into wine. (Jn 2:5)  Anyone who didn't catch the Scriptural reference, however, would probably not react well.  "Yeah," Manny acknowledged, "we wouldn't want people to think it meant to do whatever your husband tells you."  Cue screams of reader outrage.

When we stopped laughing over that one, we turned to the next idea.  Idea #2 was the word H2O with an arrow leading to a bunch of grapes.  Another water into wine reference.  It seemed too chemical and scientific to me, though.  My husband's medical background was definitely showing through.

Idea #3 was the winner -- a pitcher of water being poured over interlocking wedding rings, where the water transformed into wine before falling into a waiting goblet.  This image underscored the idea that, through marriage, the water of our immaturity and selfishness is turned into the wine of life-long love and forever forgiveness, compassion, and self-sacrifice.  Sold!

Then, Manny and Lelia got to work on the final product.  They used pencils from the art set that Lelia had won for selling a gargantuan number of chocolates and wrapping paper for a school fundraiser.  We all agreed that Lelia drew the best water pitcher.  The wedding rings didn't turn out too well freehand, so Manny traced various things until he got the best-looking circle -- my wedding ring, a Spanish coin, even a pacifier.  When Manny and Lelia completed the drawing, I took a picture of it and uploaded it into the computer, since the scanner and the computer were refusing to communicate with one another.

If you like our family project, please comment here and say so!  If you have any original artwork and could donate a digital copy to me for display on the blog, please do so (refer to above comment "I have no artistic talent whatsoever and couldn't design a stick figure").   Let's build a community to support Catholic marriages together!

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