Monday, July 11, 2016

All 12 Small Group Worksheets for The Four Keys to Everlasting Love

Hurray! We've come to an end of the 12-part series of chapter-by-chapter worksheets to accompany our Catholic marriage prep/enrichment book The Four Keys to Everlasting Love. And just in time for summer. :)

Here are links to all twelve worksheets in one post, for your convenience! This is also my good-bye for the summer. The blog is going on vacation, because my family needs me. Looking forward to connecting back up with you in the fall.

Chapter 1

Turning Two into One:
How to Overcome the Differences that Divide You


Chapter 2

Turning Good Marriages into Pathways to Glory:
It’s a Sacrament; It’s a Vocation; It’s a Road Map to Heaven!

Chapter 3

Turning Union into Communion:

Extending Your Love to Your In-Laws and Beyond

Chapter 4

Turning Meaningless Drudgery into Meaningful Work:
How to Prioritize God, Family, and Work

Chapter 5

Turning Ownership into Stewardship:
Six Tips for Trouble-Free, God-Centered Finances 

Chapter 6

Turning Inaction into Action:
Families at the Service of Other Families 

Chapter 7

Turning Spouses into Life-Giving Lovers:
The Creative Power of Sex

Chapter 8

Turning the Fear of Fertility into a Total Gift of Self:
Finding a Better Alternative to Artificial Birth Control & IVF

Chapter 9

Turning Challenges into Channels of Grace:
Big Families, Special-Needs Kids, Adopting, Fostering & Stepparenting

Chapter 10

Turning Children into Adults:
Forming Your Children's Bodies, Minds, and Souls in Christ

Chapter 11

Turning Our Homes into Places of Prayer:
The Eternal Consequences of Everyday Family Life

Chapter 12

Turning into a Happier, Holier Family:

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph Can Show You How


Have a great summer, and may God bless your marriages with everlasting joy!

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