Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Now Writing for Major News Site Aleteia!!

Getting back to my roots as a reporter for the National Catholic Register, I'm now writing news analysis for the major Catholic web site Aleteia. If you don't know this site, you should definitely check it out.

From their About Us page:
Published in six languages, Aleteia keeps our readers up to date on global and regional affairs, while also serving as a source of reference on the Catholic Church (particularly Pope Francis), the family, social justice, international development and missions, bioethics, religious freedom, and evangelization.  
Aleteia--from the ancient Greek word for “truth”--exists also to host a deeper conversation on how daily issues in the news impact life, faith, and society. We aim to encourage dialogue based in friendship about the most vital questions of human existence, even as we proudly proclaim that the search for truth begins and ends in the Logos, the Word made flesh, Jesus Christ.  
My first post on the upcoming Extraordinary Synod on the Family is scheduled to go up at 2 a.m. tomorrow. I can't wait!!


  1. congratulations :-), I'm now writing at
    I found your site from topcatholic blogs, I was just added there recently

    1. Thanks for introducing me to your blog, Lee. You might also want to check out the Amazing Catechists site, where I also contribute.