Thursday, April 10, 2014

3 Great Spanish-language Resources for Catechesis and Evangelization

There is a growing need in the U.S. for solid Spanish-language resources to help spread and teach the Catholic faith. Here are three resources I discovered recently:

1. Blogueros con el Papa. Translated roughly as Bloggers with the Pope, this online group joins bloggers from over 20 countries. Its purpose is to support the mission and the person of the Pope and to evangelize through the Internet and social media. St. Peter the Apostle and St. Teresa of Avila are the group's patrons. My Spanish blog, Comencemos en CanĂ¡, recently joined Blogueros con el Papa.

2.Theology of the Body in Spanish. Theology professor Patricio Reidy has a website in Spanish devoted to spreading the message of Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body to Spanish-speaking people throughout the Americas. Reidy also produces short videos, called Minutos, to describe TOB in brief detail to a Spanish-speaking audience. These videos are currently available on the YouTube channel of the Daughters of St. Paul. I've featured one of them here.

3. Lenten and Holy Week resources. The Diocese of Dallas has prepared an extensive list of Lenten catechetical materials for individuals, families, and children. Some materials are specifically geared towards Holy Week and Easter. Others have year-round usefulness, such as The Way of the Cross for children and guides for the Sacrament of confession.

If you find these resources helpful, please share them widely! If you know of other Spanish-language resources, please mention them in the comments.

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