Monday, January 27, 2014

CatholicMatch + Can We Cana? = Love, Love, Love!!!

I'm thrilled to announce that my first post just appeared on CatholicMatch Institute, the blog for With more than one million visits per month, CatholicMatch is the largest online Catholic dating community in the world.

Realizing that just matching Catholic singles up isn't enough, the founder of launched the Institute to provide advice and formation for Catholics who want to get married and stay married. Read this deeply inspirational excerpt from their mission statement:

We also hope the Institute will serve as a platform for those who have a passion for better preparing single Catholics to discern the path to marriage. ... If we help single Catholics to properly discern their future spouses, with God’s grace there will be fewer struggling and broken marriages down the road.

"Fewer struggling and broken marriages" is definitely the goal of Can We Cana, which is why teaming up with CatholicMatch seems -- dare I say it -- a match made in heaven. And it opens up the opportunity of my being a guest on the regular CatholicMatch spot on EWTN Radio's Son Rise Morning Show, which is incredibly exciting!

My first CatholicMatch post, entitled "Get Me to the Church on Time," talks about the dwindling number of Catholics who choose to get married in the Church and what they're missing out on. Join the more than 900 people who've already read the post by clicking here. And for a sneak peek, here's a brief excerpt:
the top reason to get married in the Catholic Church is to open yourself up to receive a powerful flood of graces that will sustain your marriage in its darkest moments. Only a sacramental wedding in a church, blessed by a priest and witnessed by the faithful, can become a channel of grace into your married life. Single life can really be hard. As Our Lord said in the garden, it is not good to be alone. But married life—the exquisitely challenging and almost painful process of turning two into one—is so difficult that it requires a sacrament.

Please read on and enjoy!

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