Monday, November 18, 2013

My Heart is in Your (Four) Hands

On November 24, the Year of Faith proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI will be brought to a close by Pope Francis. During this past year, I discovered enough love in my heart for both of these very different men. My reflections on the two popes and the encyclical they wrote together appeared on the site, a ministry of the Diocese of Fort Wayne, Indiana, as part of their month-long retrospective.


The papal encyclical The Light of Faith was one of the crowning achievements of this Year of Faith. Started by Pope Benedict XVI and completed by Pope Francis, The Light of Faith quickly earned the nickname “the encyclical written by four hands.” The Year of Faith, too, was begun by our former pope and is being ushered to a conclusion by the current one. Over the past year, I had to learn to say good-bye to Benedict and to welcome Francis into my heart. The encyclical they both wrote is like a bridge leading me from one Holy Father to another.

The light of faith helps us to see in the darkness of this world, states the encyclical. Faith illumines our vision and sends our hearts soaring upward to seek God. In the rich imagery of the Song of Songs, God is the lover, and our soul is the beloved.

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