Monday, September 30, 2013

Introducing Your Kids to Two Francises -- the Pope and the Saint

"Don't forget the poor," whispered Cardinal Gomez of Brazil to Cardinal Bergoglio of Argentina at the moment of Bergoglio's election to the papacy. These words inspired the new pope to take the name Francis in honor of the saint who loved Lady Poverty. As St. Francis of Assissi's feast day approaches on October 4, now would be a wonderful time to introduce your children to the two Francises through some great new releases from Paraclete Press.

Saint Francis and Brother Duck1.  St. Francis and Brother Duck, by Jay Stoeckl, is a charming presentation of the story of St. Francis of Assissi in a graphic novel format. Francis' constant companion is the fictional Brother Duck. Great for comic relief, Brother Duck makes the story of St. Francis come alive for young kids. It also allows parents to use their best Donald Duck voices. The Paraclete Press web site has an adorable video trailer in case you need some practice rediscovering your ability to quack. So unleash your inner comedian, and have fun with Francis.

Praying With Your Five Fingers
2. Praying With Your Five Fingers, by Pope Francis, is an 8 1/2 x 11 laminated prayer card. Pope Francis used this method of praying often in his ministry as Archbishop of Argentina. True to his humble nature, Pope Francis recommends praying for yourself last (on the pinkie, your littlest finger), because once you have prayed for everyone else you will be able to see your own needs in the proper perspective. Although the prayer method is available for free from other sources, the laminated card is easy to find and hard to damage -- perfect for kids.

So take the family pets to be blessed at your local parish according to this great feast day's tradition, and then gather together at home to learn a little more about the two Francises!

Thanks to Paraclete Press for providing free review copies.

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