Monday, July 15, 2013

Half-Way through Hot Summer Nights

Today is the half-way mark for Hot Summer Nights: Share the Love, where bloggers share their ideas for hot dates, passion, marriage, love and faith. Here are links to the posts so far, in case you missed them.

  • July 1: Stages of Marriage by Sheila Garcia, USCCB Secretariat of Laity, Marriage, Family Life, & Youth
  • July 2: Do You Want More Love and Intimacy in Your Marriage? by Mary Jimenez, Marriage & Family Therapist
  • July 3: Preparing for the True Marriage by Mary Pearson, Young & Catholic
  • July 4: 10 Stay at Home Date Night Ideas by Heather Bowen, Upside Down Homeschooling
  • July 5: The Mystery of Marriage by Scott Means, Journey to Surrender
  • July 6: The Gift of a Marriage Encounter Weekend: Love One Another as I Have Loved You (John 13:34) by Kevin & Patty Vogelsang
  • July 7: Date Night Link-Up Review by Our Readers
  • July 8: Displaying Christ's Glory in Your Marriage by Melinda Murphy, Christian Educator
  • July 9: Cross-Cultural Marriage by Andra Kariithi, The Goretti Group
  • July 10: Marriage & Faith by Noreen Johnson, Rosary Mom
  • July 11: What Do You Mean My Husband Isn't a Mind Reader?!? by Sarah Reinhard, Snoring Scholar
  • July 12: "Intimacy & Authenticity" --- Building an open, trusting, loving, and growing relationship by Bill Nichols, Christian Counselor & Life Coach, The Onesimus Connection
  • July 13: Keeping the Fires Burning after Kids & Minivans by James, Real Catholic Love & Sex
  • July 14: Date Night Link-Up Review by Our Readers
  • July 15: Keeping the Empty Nest Warm by Lisa Hendey, Catholic Mom

  • If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments! My post will appear on July 22.

    Hope you're staying hot this summer. ;)


    1. Wonderful post, Karee. I am becoming so knowledgeable abt St TM thanks to you and to Jen!
      Happy I saw your post at her blog today. I've been away and am just getting caught up on tech stuff, such as the HSN columns, and life in general.
      Looking fwd to seeing you around the blogosphere:)

      1. Thanks, Chris. Jen has really been awesome!